A Broader Perspective

An Attitude of Gratitude

Being an entrepreneur now for over 10 years, I find myself in an exceptional attitude of gratitude. It amazes me how the infinite wisdom of God has given each of us different passions, interest and talents to make this world go around. Some say you should live life like you are dying, and some say you should prepare for the future and sacrifice today for a better tomorrow. I personally believe a healthy balance of both. The truth is, tomorrow is not promised, however, you just might live to be a lot older than you think too. 

Many people live in two worlds that don’t matter or add value at all; the world of the past and the world of the future. You cannot do ANYTHING to change your past, so stop living there. Your future, believe it or not, is unpredictable. You can make plans, but that’s all they are; plans. Nothing is guaranteed, so don’t live in that world either. Take a healthy perspective of both and live in the world of NOW, the moment that you are in. If you want things to change and get better later, you must be grateful for what you have TODAY, in THIS moment, right now. 

I am increasingly and overwhelmingly grateful for great mechanics that can get us back on the road and safe, for law enforcement personnel that give us safer places to live, for military personnel that keep our country great, for the maids and landscapers that work hard and do a good job that gives us more time to spend with those that we love, for air condition companies that can fix an issue and keep your house comfortable, for dogs that no matter what show unconditional love when you step in to your house after a long day, for medical professionals that strive to provide solutions to health ailments, to pilots that can transport you from point A to point B, wether that is to get you to a family emergency quickly or to a destination for vacation, for contractors that take pride in a job well done, building houses and buildings that we call home or call our office, for farmers that work tirelessly through seasons of weather to provide crops that we put on our plates, for servers and cooks that provide great meals and great service that you can relax and enjoy, for insurance agents that strive to protect us from the financial burden of an unexpected event, for janitors that work hard in making the environments we find ourselves in clean. The list goes on and on. 

The fact is, each of us needs all of us. 

Wherever you go, and whatever you find yourself doing, be one that expresses gratitude. Serve and help people where you are able. Lend a hand and a smile in a world that is often times self-absorbed, self-serving, and ungrateful. Be the one that spreads light throughout your day. 

Remember, everyone brightens a room. Some brighten it when they walk in, and some brighten it when they walk out. Be one that brightens it when you walk in.

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