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Kevin Mohler is a highly regarded, globally recognized author, trainer, and professional speaker on subjects such as personal development, business management, health, and philosophy. He has been featured countless times in Home Business Connection and Success From Home Magazine and has been interviewed numerous times on radio, podcasts and TV shows. He has mentored hundreds of thousands of people globally by sharing philosophies and principles required for massive achievement. Kevin has spoken to business groups, corporations, schools, sales teams, Executive boards, and churches internationally to audiences as large as 14,000, and has shared the stage with icons such as Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, James Malinchak, Daymond John and a host of others. He has given over 600 keynote presentations, and has built several multimillion dollar companies, all before the age of 30. His influence has changed the course of countless lives. He is the founder of StrategicLifeDesign.com, teaching you how to strategically design every aspect of your life to transform the life you have to the life you truly desire.

Kevin grew up in South Alabama, the son of an oil field worker and a nurse. His first job was in residential construction. Determined to one day own his own business, he started his entrepreneurial journey in his spare time in 2007 at the age of 20 while working construction during the day and going to college at night in pursuit of an Architecture degree.

7 months later at the age of 21, he became one of the youngest Executives of the then $400 million dollar publicly traded company LegalShield. He quit his construction job to become a full time entrepreneur.
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At 22, From speaking, training and sharing his story nationally, he formed Strategic Life Design, a public speaking, consulting, training & coaching company.

At 23 he became Vice President and Director of Marketing and Operations and part-owner of a specialty pharmacy that treats children with bleeding disorders, HemaCare Plus, and was featured on the front cover of the October edition of Home Business Connection Magazine.

At 24 he co-founded and became the Vice President and Director of Marketing of the American Autism & Rehabilitation Center.
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At 28 he co-founded and became the President and Director of Marketing for the American Hyperbaric Center and was featured in the October 2016 edition of Success From Home Magazine.

At 29 he started and became the President of American Autism & Rehabilitation Foundation, a non-profit organization, and was featured in the July 2017 edition of Success From Home Magazine.
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Giving back is a big part of his life. He is active in various ministries and organizations.

At 33 he cofounded DeFiancy, an agency that helps clients navigate the decentralized finance and crypto space.

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