Motion Creates Emotion. Get Off Of Your Ass.

We cannot complain about things we refuse to change.

There were two houses out in the country, two neighbors had been next door neighbors for decades. They knew each other really well and were great friends. Their houses were side by side with a short distance in between. One of the neighbors was on his front porch enjoying coffee in the morning, like he always did. The neighbor's dog was sitting on their steps and howling, and it annoyed the neighbor so much that he finally sat down his cup of coffee, got up, went over to his neighbor's house and...

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Using Failure To Fuel Your Future

How you think about failure is a determining factor on your future success.

I was thinking as I came across an article in The Wall Street Journal this morning, and it was talking about the airline industry and how much they've been rocked and Southwest Airlines reported their profit in June last year... in June quarter last year, they made $741 million dollars last year and the June quarter this year, they lost $915 million. Again… just the same quarter a year ago, they profited $741 million in this quarter. This year they lost $915 million for the quarter. And that g...

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Life The Story You Wish To Tell.

What will people say about you when you are gone?

As I write this I am working on several huge life challenges. It seems as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders and for some reason, It’s my option to waive a white flag of surrender or willingly carry a massive, nearly impossible load on my back. I can’t speak for you, but as for me, I am wired to live a comfortable life. Everything in me wants to have a life that is on easy street… I want everyone around me happy, no drama, no tough times, no meaningless tasks… and yet life was not des...

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How to CRUSH your New Year Resolutions

95% of New Year Resolutions fail. Here is how to be a part of the 5% and make sure your New Year Resolutions are successful

We all know a New‌‌ Year and new decade are upon us. This past Sunday afternoon I ran a 5 hour super comprehensive goal setting seminar that lit people on fire. It’s a 12 year practice of mine that has evolved and includes not only what I have discovered and created myself, it also includes what I’ve learned from world class performers and contacts of mine for over a decade. To say that it shows people how to do more in one year than they have in this past decade combined is an understatement. T...

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Educate Yourself for Your Calling

EDUCATION is ALWAYS important.

Many people need to go to college to accomplish their dreams and goals... Take my wife for example, she’s a world class Occupational Therapist and couldn’t help special needs children the way she was created by God to do if she didn’t have her degree. For me, one of my greatest accomplishments in life was being willing to have the courage to drop out of college so I could do what I was designed by God to do, which I didn’t need a degree to do, in a world that told me I would be an idiot and a no...

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Just Say No.

Say "no" to more.

For most people, the next level of happiness, fulfillment, peace, excitement, confidence, assurance of the future and so much more comes down to one thing… Say “No” to more. If you’ve ever looked at your to-do list and felt anxiety, it’s not necessarily because you are unable to do the things on that list; it’s mostly likely because you’ve said yes to too many things. If you’re like me, it feels good to say yes. For my Strategic Life followers and myself, the opposite of happiness is not sadness...

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Urgent vs. Important: Stay Productive And Do The Right Work

98% of your inboxes and to-do list are nothing but distracting garbage.

Text. Tweet. Facebook message. LinkedIn comment. Knock at the door. Snapchat. Instagram mention. WhatsApp. 98% of your inboxes and to-do list are nothing but distracting garbage. We live in a world where, if you are on point and after your goals, you are going to be mega-slammed with requests from everyone and their momma. And most of what they ping you on is going to be urgent... But is it important? To you? To your family? For your goals? Most of it isn’t. One way you can tell if a task is imp...

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Your Parents Were Wrong

They were wrong about a LOT.

A young girl walks out of her bedroom down the hall and smells a lovely aroma seeping from the kitchen. She decides to investigate and walks in to the kitchen to see the familiar sight of her mother cooking intently. Her mom opens the lid of the pot on the stove and gives the contents a good stir as the oven preheat temp alarm starts to chime. She closes the lid on the stove and prepares the large ham to go in the oven. Before she places the ham in the oven, she cuts the ends off of the ham and ...

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The Early Bird Doesn't Get The Only Worm

I am not a morning person

I beat myself up for countless years about not being a morning person. I was taught for what feels like a lifetime that “the sun should never catch you sleeping.” I read countless stories, posts and studies stating that a common trait of all successful people is getting up at before the butt crack of dawn. I grew up with one sister who is 3 years older than me. When mom went to get us out of the bed, she barely had to wake my sister and “BING!” she was up and out of bed. Me? Well let’s just s...

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The Most Important Story You Will Ever Read

The story you tell yourself about yourself is the most important story you will ever read.

In each of us is an author and a reader. Every day we are speaking to ourselves, creating a story about ourselves. The story you tell yourself about yourself is the most important story you will ever read. The most important human relationship you have in your lifetime is not with another human being; it’s with yourself. What is that relationship like? What story are you telling yourself about yourself every single day? What about in difficult moments? What about moments of temporary defeat or...

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