Turning Your Idea Into A Reality

Your idea has little to do with it becoming true.

We all have great ideas. Chances are you have had dozens if not hundreds of great ideas. Many people think it is hard to come up with great ideas. The truth is that good ideas are not what the most successful people in the world had in common. What the most successful people have in common in any area of life (olympic gold medalists, mega entrepreneurs, top CEO's, bodybuilding champions, investors, etc.) are not good ideas, although many of them had some just like we all do... the thing that the...

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Why I Decided To Become An Entrepreneur

People become entrepreneurs for many different reasons. Here's mine.

I originally wanted to become an entrepreneur for a much different reason than most might think. I wanted something different that I only believed could be possible as an entrepreneur. I decided to become an entrepreneur so that I could own my own life. I wanted to call my own shots. I LOVE to live a LOT of life. I love to skydive, scuba dive, travel the world, hunt, fish, spear fish, rock climb, hike, ride motorcycles, you name it. My wife is my best friend and she’s my adventure buddy. We have...

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What to do with the hand that you have been dealt in life?

When life seems to have slapped you in the face, what do you do? What do you do when things happen to you that are out of your control and your circumstances seem to be stacked against you? It's not what happens to us that is important... it's what we do about what happens to us. Our mindset in the midst of the circumstance is what is most important. As Tony Robbins would say, "it's not our lack of resources that's the problem... it's our lack of resourcefulness." To design a life strategically...

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Guessing One's Future like a Fortune Teller

It was at the crack of 10 O’ clock one morning this week when I found myself catching a plane to go speak across the country. I’ve always preferred flying over driving because, while on the plane, it allows me to concentrate on whatever it is that I wish to concentrate on, be it email, reading a book, typing a blog, writing in my journal, writing notes, reviewing documents, organizing my fast paced life, listening to a podcast, prioritizing tasks, communicating with my assistant or whatever else...

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Think Big/Meeting with Billionaire Sir Richard Branson

Meeting with Sir Richard Branson was a game changer. Mr Branson is the most fun loving, selfless, philanthropic and successful man I have ever met. His view of the world is incredible. (Sir Richard Branson on Twitter: Click HERE) How big are you thinking? I love to think big. I am always thinking big. I am always thinking of possibilities. It is how I have programmed myself to think every day. However, Mr. Branson got me thinking. I am not thinking big enough! How big is big? Well, Mr. Branson i...

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Different Types of Income/Money Goals for 2017

Do you have financial goals for 2017? Do you have a goal or vision to increase your income in 2017? Make sure you design your life intelligently. An increase in income does not improve happiness. It’s the type of income that you generate that is important. If you made twice as much money in 2017 as you did in 2016, but you had to work twice as hard to make it or had to work twice as many hours, would that make you happy? Probably not. If you are wanting to increase your income in 2017, you need ...

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