I Got Caught Cheating (On Life)

Recently I was at a business lunch assisting some entrepreneurs on a huge project implementation plan so they could secure investors. I was surrounded by great company at one of my favorite restaurants in the entire region. The server went around the table and got everyone’s lunch order. When it was time for me to […]

“No” and “Not Right Now”

In my home office, beneath the triple monitors connected to my Macbook Pro reads the following quote:  “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” Lin YutangDerek Sivers is a musician and the creator of the company CD […]

How to be insanely productive using these calendar hacks

Best way to get organized using your calendar One of the biggest things I get asked to help my coaching clients with are:  How to be insanely productive with your calendar One things we must have an exceptional strategy for is our calendars, which is important for productivity, efficiency, and control. Before we get in […]

The Strangest Secret In Life

The key to why some people’s lives are vastly different than others Picture this.  A man in the middle of the woods of northern Saskatchewan Canada found himself in a pickle…  Hundreds of people along the shore of Wollaston Lake had a huge power outage for almost 30 hours. The temperature was frigid cold. Power […]

Motion Creates Emotion. Get Off Of Your Ass.

There were two houses out in the country, two neighbors had been next door neighbors for decades. They knew each other really well and were great friends. Their houses were side by side with a short distance in between. One of the neighbors was on his front porch enjoying coffee in the morning, like he […]

Using Failure To Fuel Your Future

How you think about failure is a determining factor on your future success. I was thinking as I came across an article in The Wall Street Journal this morning, and it was talking about the airline industry and how much they’ve been rocked and Southwest Airlines reported their profit in June last year…  in June […]

Life The Story You Wish To Tell.

What will people say about you when you are gone? As I write this I am working on several huge life challenges. It seems as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders and for some reason, It’s my option to waive a white flag of surrender or willingly carry a massive, nearly […]

Educate Yourself for Your Calling

EDUCATION is ALWAYS important. Many people need to go to college to accomplish their dreams and goals… Take my wife for example, she’s a world class Occupational Therapist and couldn’t help special needs children the way she was created by God to do if she didn’t have her degree. For me, one of my greatest […]

Just Say No.

Say “no” to more. For most people, the next level of happiness, fulfillment, peace, excitement, confidence, assurance of the future and so much more comes down to one thing… Say “No” to more. If you’ve ever looked at your to-do list and felt anxiety, it’s not necessarily because you are unable to do the things […]

Urgent vs. Important: Stay Productive And Do The Right Work

98% of your inboxes and to-do list are nothing but distracting garbage. Text. Tweet. Facebook message. LinkedIn comment. Knock at the door. Snapchat. Instagram mention. WhatsApp. 98% of your inboxes and to-do list are nothing but distracting garbage. We live in a world where, if you are on point and after your goals, you are […]