Your Parents Were Wrong

They were wrong about a LOT. A young girl walks out of her bedroom down the hall and smells a lovely aroma seeping from the kitchen. She decides to investigate and walks in to the kitchen to see the familiar sight of her mother cooking intently. Her mom opens the lid of the pot on […]

A Spun view on marriage success

Why things get stale and how to prevent it “Look at those two. Sighhhhh… Young love.”  How many times have you heard a statement like that from a couple that has been married for a length of time?  The young “puppy love” is definitely something that changes with time, but certain elements of it can […]

What if you jumped?

Life is too short to wait any longer. I had a dream of being a scuba diver for a long time. I wanted to feel what it was like to be totally comfortable under water, breathe normally, relax and explore the unexplored sea without having to hold my breath. My wife, several years ago, surprised […]

Is your DMO (daily method of operation) leading YOU to the life you want?

If not, design one! The life you live is one that is created by your daily choices compounded over time. These choices control and shape your destiny. Instead of designing these daily choices, most people just whip through them and do not like where they lead.  I’ll prove it to you. Think about this: • The […]