Choose Your Hard – Hard Choices In Life Make Life Easy

It’s ALL hard.

I know of a guy who is outstanding to say the least. He is a best-selling self-published author. He has a supportive family. He mentors countless people. He is a phenomenal and highly requested speaker, and a very driven and determined individual. He is not afraid of hard work, gets back up when he is kicked down, and is the image of determination. He can go against insurmountable odds and crush them in order to win. In fact, he coaches other people to do the same. The only fallback he has, is he is most determined only when he has to, when his back is against the wall, and he needs income for his household. 

Our brains are wired differently than they need to be in order for us to have success easily. This is precisely why we cannot have success easily. Our brains are not wired to push us to drive toward our goals. They are wired to keep us safe, to lock us in a little comfort box where nothing changes and nothing improves. You have to fight that tendency every single day.

Many people look around at those that do great things and say, “that’s too hard.” What I want you to realize today is that it is ALL hard. 

Grant Cardone, best-selling author and very successful business man wrote in his book The 10X Rule, that it’s hard to be a server at a restaurant. And it’s hard to be an owner of a restaurant. And it’s hard to be an owner of 100 restaurants, but the payoff of owning 100 restaurants is much more worth it compared to owning one or being a server.

Ponder on this quote for a moment…

“Success is hard to obtain and easy to deal with. Failure is easy to obtain and hard to deal with. Choose your “hard.”

The person that says the diet and the workout are too hard and decides not to do it has to deal with less energy, a body they are not comfortable in, and a much higher risk of health issues, which is hard to deal with. 

The person that says it’s too hard to save money or to start a business has to deal with the repercussions of what happens when the unexpected setback comes that they are unprepared for, which is hard to deal with. 

The person that says it’s too hard to consistently go way above and beyond for their spouse and make their marriage rock has to deal with a marriage that is stagnant and stale, at best, which is hard. 

The parent that chooses not to have the hard conversations and teach the hard lessons to their children have to deal with the repercussions when they get older and become defiant, which is hard.

The fact is, it’s all hard. It’s hard to build a business and it’s hard to be broke. It’s hard to go to the gym every day and it’s hard to be on a dozen medications due to neglect and poor choices. It’s hard to make, save and invest money and it’s hard to not have any when you need it. It’s hard to work never ending and make sacrifices in your marriage and it’s hard to have a marriage that is stale. 

Every seed of progress and every decision of neglect have a profound compound effect on your life over time. You become what you do daily. 

Choose your hard, and choose it wisely. That’s the #StrategicLife way.

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