Educate Yourself for Your Calling

EDUCATION is ALWAYS important.

Many people need to go to college to accomplish their dreams and goals… Take my wife for example, she’s a world class Occupational Therapist and couldn’t help special needs children the way she was created by God to do if she didn’t have her degree.

For me, one of my greatest accomplishments in life was being willing to have the courage to drop out of college so I could do what I was designed by God to do, which I didn’t need a degree to do, in a world that told me I would be an idiot and a nobody if I dropped out.

And what’s interesting is, God always has a plan. I am part owner of a facility that treats tens of thousands of special needs patients annually called American Autism & Rehabilitation Center and my wife is the Director of Therapy. (If you’re not familiar with our center for children with special needs, check it out by clicking here. We also have a 501(c)(3) non-profit branch called American Autism & Rehabilitation Foundation. Click here for details.)

EDUCATION is ALWAYS important.

WHERE you get it depends on what you want to do. It will not always a college institution that’s needed for your education. In fact, it’s most often not in my opinion. And even if you DO need a college degree to get the credentials necessary to do what you are called to do, the BIGGEST part of your education that will make you world class will be outside of college. Period.

“Formal education will make you a living… self-education will make you a fortune.” -Jim Rohn

The main thing to consider here is this:

Who’s dream is your dream?

Is it the dream your parents had for you and gave to you?

Your chosen career path… is it because you were destined to do this thing, or because of the financial stability of the career industry, or the income possibility?

The world is so quick to tell you what you need to be doing, yet 99% of the people we listen to are not in the shoes we even want to be in.

As my friend, former Co-CEO of Primerica Financial Services John Addison once told me, “Never accept advice from anyone more screwed up than you are.” Sounds like simple advice, but most people don’t follow it.

What is it that you really want? Make sure it’s what you (not anyone else) really want. If you go into a career just because it seems financially stable and safe, or because it’s what your parents did, or simply because it’s something you are okay at, you are going to be miserable. Statistically, you are going to spend more hours and years working than you do anything else in your life. Think about that for a moment… you don’t want to be miserable most of your life. So break out of the mold and do what you want to do, what you are called to do.

Do you need a college degree? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’ll never forget the interview I had with a young newspapeIMG 1684r journalist when we were opening American Autism & Rehabilitation Center. She asked a ton of questions about the center, the services it would provide, and to say that she was excited was an understatement. She was ecstatic… until she asked her final question…

“Hey Kevin, when we reference you in the newspaper, what’s your credentials?”

“What credentials are you asking about?” I asked.

“Well, are you a doctor?”


“Are you a therapist?”


“A psychologist?”


“Well, what are you then?”

“I’m the Co-Founder, Vice President and Director of Marketing.”

“But what’s your medical background and degree in?”

“I dropped out of Architecture school. I’m simply an owner. Those that will see the patients here have those credentials.”

Needless to say, that particular newspaper article was never published. She didn’t understand that you don’t have to have a degree to open up any particular business. I tried to explain but she clearly never understood.

So whether college is for YOU or not, this shirt is for you anyway.

img 1684

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.”

-Pablo Picasso


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