Elevate Your Life: Embracing Challenges as Stepping Stones to Growth

Life’s journey is a maze of experiences, each offering us a chance to grow. Today, let’s explore a mindset that might seem unconventional at first glance but is truly transformative—embracing challenges.

The Power of Embracing Challenges

We all have that instinctual desire to avoid tough situations, to opt for the smoother path. But what if I told you that these hard things are the very stepping stones to your growth? Think about those challenging workouts that shaped your body, or the heartfelt conversations that deepened your relationships.

You need to invite what you feel like you don’t want in your life. What I mean by that is just a mental framework, if you will, on how to think about hard things. On the surface, when I talk about hard things and when I think about hard things, my knee-jerk reaction is to avoid hard things. I don’t want to have to do hard things. However, the only opportunity you have is a result of facing hard things.

When you do hard things at the gym, what do you get? You get in shape.

When you do hard things for your health, and spend money on things for health, and spend time on things for health, what do you get? You get more healthy.

When you have an issue in your marriage and you do the hard thing of having the conversation and putting in the work and putting in the time, the blood, sweat, and the tears, what do you get? A better marriage.

The same thing with our finances. Whenever you decide, “Oh, I’m not going to go spend this money on luxurious things. Instead, I’m going to invest this money to grow it.” What do you get? Wealthier.

It literally is the hard things in our lives that we do that gets us to the other side to get what we want.

The truth is: the hard things aren’t hurdles to dodge; they’re doors to the life you dream of.

Embrace Growth, Reject Mediocrity

Embracing challenges isn’t just about conquering obstacles—it’s about rejecting mediocrity. Average might be comfortable, but it’s not where life’s magic happens. Imagine a life where you’re constantly stretching your limits, evolving into the best version of yourself. This is a life of purpose, of boundless growth, of real fulfillment.

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want is to have the same year every year for 40 years. Can you imagine living the same year on repeat for the next 40 years? Yet a lot of people, that’s the road they choose to live on because they don’t get conscious about these sorts of things.

If you look at the average of anything, it’s horrible. The average health in our country is horrible. The average marriage in our country is horrible. The average financial situation in our country is horrible. The average fitness for the average person is horrible.

I don’t want an average marriage. I don’t want an average body. I don’t want average health. I don’t want average finances. I don’t want an average relationship spiritually with God. I don’t want an average anything.

Average is the enemy.

What does that mean? That means I have to fall in love doing hard things. If I fall in love with doing hard things, then that means that I’m going to continually be on a perpetual state of growth. And doesn’t that sound like something that we all want? Isn’t that something we all should want, a perpetual state of growth? Don’t you want to be growing your marriage, your finances, your impact on the world and those that are around you, your contribution to society, your knowledge, your connection with God and your spiritual faith? That sounds like a life that’s alive, man. And that feels exciting and worth living

That’s the life that I’m committed to having. So we have to fall in love with hard things.

A New Perspective on September

As we step into September, a fresh month brimming with opportunities, take a moment to reflect. What challenges have you been avoiding? This is your moment to recalibrate, strategize, and take that step towards the life you envision. Remember, growth isn’t found within your comfort zone. It’s the hard things that pave the way to greatness.

What are the hard things in your life that you are doing to get the things that you say that you want? That’s my first question. The second question is, what other hard things can you be doing to get to where you want to go? Because the hard things are what creates the opportunity, and opportunity is what we want.

Your Journey to Greatness

Stay tuned for more insights and inspiration as we embark on this shared journey of growth and transformation. Remember, each obstacle is an invitation—an invitation to learn, to evolve, and to thrive.

Become more than you are. Decide. Design. Succeed.

And remember, you’re only one strategy away,

Kevin Mohler

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