How to CRUSH your New Year Resolutions

95% of New Year Resolutions fail. Here is how to be a part of the 5% and make sure your New Year Resolutions are successful

We all know a New‌‌ Year and new decade are upon us. This past Sunday afternoon I ran a 5 hour super comprehensive goal setting seminar that lit people on fire. It’s a 12 year practice of mine that has evolved and includes not only what I have discovered and created myself, it also includes what I’ve learned from world class performers and contacts of mine for over a decade. To say that it shows people how to do more in one year than they have in this past decade combined is an understatement. The feedback was exceptional. We had dozens of local high performers there live, and had many many more on the livestream across the globe. 

One of the biggest questions I‌ get asked when I mention that 95% of people’s New Year Resolutions fail every year is why? Why do New Years Resolutions fail?‌‌ How come most people fail at the goals they set for the New Year? 

In my humble opinion, there are three reasons New Year Resolutions fail…

Reason #1 New Years Resolutions fail:‌ They set “goals.” 
Most people’s “goals” are better defined as wishes, hopes, desires and dreams.‌ “I’m going to lose weight.” “I’m going to make more money.” “I’m going to spend more time with family.” “I’m going to stop smoking.” These are not goals… they are wishes, hopes, desires and dreams. Your New Year Resolutions need to be specific DECLARATIONS, specific things that you MUST do to succeed, not vague things you hope will happen. 

Reason #2 New Years Resolutions fail: They aren’t habit forming. 
Most people skip days in doing the steps that would add to successfully accomplishing their New Year Resolutions and goals. They work out when they have the time instead of at least a short workout every single day. They aim to reduce how many cigarettes they smoke instead of count them and start reducing it over time down to zero. They try to “eat better” instead of track calories every day or portion sizes. In other words, they have no system that creates a rhythm. 

Reason #3 New Years Resolutions fail: No accountability or coach. 
Most people keep their wishes, hopes, desires and dreams to themselves. At best they make a post on social media. They have no one to hold them accountable and help them make successful decisions in their toughest moments. 

If those are three reasons 95% of New Year Resolutions fail, here are three things to do to make sure your New Year Resolutions succeed. 

Step #1 to setting successful New Year Resolutions: Make your goals DECLARATIONS and STRATEGIC. 
STRATEGIC stands for… 
•Systematic (Steps in place that are trackable) 
•Treasured (When you talk about them it should stir up positive emotions) 
•Ready (You have to be willing to start immediately, not later) 
•Attainable (They need to be realistic) 
•Timed (There must be a deadline) 
•Environment (Cleanse your environment of negativity and clutter) 
•Good (They should be noble, things that help you, your family or your community) 
•Inspirational (They should make other supportive people feel good when you share them) 
•Coach (You must have some accountability)

Step #2 to setting successful New Year Resolutions: Put the steps to success in your calendar. 
If you want your New Years Resolutions to succeed, you have to get in to a rhythm. A routine. In other words, you need to make the steps in to a habit, just like waking up and brushing your teeth. That routine needs to be in your calendar and needs to become a thing you do every single day until a new habit is formed. If it’s not in your calendar, it simply won’t get done consistently enough to form a habit, which means your New Year Resolution will go by the wayside and fail like 95% of other people’s goals. 

Step #3 to setting successful New Year Resolutions: Get an accountability partner and/or a coach. 
You may be nervous sharing your New Year Resolutions with someone that can hold you accountable, but remember, all success is outside of your comfort zone. Share your resolutions with someone that is a positive influence in your life, someone that is supportive, someone that wants to see you succeed, and someone that will hold you to your commitments in your weakest moments. 

There are SO‌ MANY things I can teach you to set yourself up to make massive breakthroughs this year with your New Year Resolutions and goals. This is precisely why I did a 5 hour seminar on the subject this past Sunday. If you are serious about making 2020 the best year of your life and the best decade of your life.

Let me train you and walk you through how to win big in 2020.

In the 2 hour highlight reel of the seminar, you will learn 
•How to set your goals 
•How to set your environment up for success 
•How to analyze your routines and habits, those that are serving you and those that are not 
•How to start and end your day every day 
•How to hold yourself accountable 
•And SO much more. A ton more. Over 2 hours worth. 

When I speak, it’s typically for $2,000-$10,000+. But because I want this year to be the best year of your life and the best decade of your life, you can get a copy of this training for the cost of what I have to pay my developer to put it all together, 15 bucks. In other words, you are basically paying me less than minimum wage to pour in to you how to change your life drastically. Talk about a steal. 

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