I Got Caught Cheating (On Life)

Recently I was at a business lunch assisting some entrepreneurs on a huge project implementation plan so they could secure investors. I was surrounded by great company at one of my favorite restaurants in the entire region.

The server went around the table and got everyone’s lunch order. When it was time for me to place my order, I got a fresh dark green salad with kalamata olives and blackened shrimp.

Knowing I was a burger nut, and that this restaurant has one of the most amazing burgers on the planet, they couldn’t help but be curious how I was able to remain disciplined.

I got caught cheatin’.

Not on my diet, but on life.

You see, I’m always looking for, experimenting with, and creating strategies to help me win.

One of the biggest life hacks is accountability. And if you want to use this to fuel your discipline and accelerate your life, you will want to deploy it in two ways:

Personal accountability and public accountability.

Every night I have to answer “The Three Signs.”

These three questions determine if I am on track to my ideal outcome. They give me the “sign” that I am headed in the right direction (or not). And having to answer them to myself every single day helps me make good decisions throughout the day… because all day long I know I am going to have to answer these three questions.

Right now my three questions are:

  1. Did I work out today?
  2. Did I abstain from alcohol today?
  3. Did I maintain my diet today?

Not only do I answer those questions every night, but I keep up with my streak. How many days have I been successful in each of those areas? I don’t plan on working out 7 days a week (because the body needs rest) so I shoot for a 5-6 day streak. I don’t want to drink during the week so I shoot for only the weekend if at all. And I want to maintain my diet 6 days per week. One cheat meal a week is totally fine with me. So by asking myself the three questions above, I stay on track nearly 100%.

This is personal accountability at its finest, and it will help you reach your goals with a quickness. So simple to implement.

Take a moment to create your three signs now. Share with me… 

What are your three? I’d love to hear.

Public accountability is a whole other animal, and is powerful in a similar although very different way.

One of my coaching clients works out at a gym that has a large whiteboard that the gym members can use. She was struggling to show up as frequently as she wanted to. I told her to go to that gym, write at the very top of the board “I, (first name, last name), commit to working out 5 days per week.” Under that I told her to put a box for each day Monday through Sunday. Then I told her all she had to do was put a check mark on the days she worked out.

I’ll let you guess what the results have been.

This is the power of public accountability.

So what will you publicly announce that you are going to do so that it fuels you to get it done?

Some examples of public accountability: 

  • I told you and the entire world that I am creating a crypt0currency investing education course.
  • I told you and the world that I am building a health store.

Both are being created as we speak. And both will come to fruition, because I told the world and they will be asking.

The one caveat is confidence and motivation.

Opportunities are not “lost.” They are just found by other people that were willing to take action.

The world does a really good job at preventing you from being motivated to change. It’s not your fault. They design it this way. The lamestream media has admitted that they get higher viewership and keep you sucked to the TV when they spew negativity, doom and gloom. It’s not your fault they suck you in.

They designed it that way.

Facebook has admitted they have tons and tons of staff on payroll that psychologically design their platform to keep you in it and keep you scrolling. It’s not your fault that they can consume your time and energy.

They designed it to zap your attention and mind.

After interviewing 56 of some of the most successful people you can image, high-achieving coaching and consulting clients, as well as asking myself internally with my experience, I have found something unique about motivation…

The most successful people in the world design their life to receive motivation by default.

Read that again.

They don’t just “have” motivation.

I don’t just have it either.

But I know how to get it. And once you unlock it, YOU can change your life. You finally can do simple things with little effort and almost no time (Like write out your Three Signs) and it will actually work!

Here is the secret.

Need help with life, business, etc? Reply and let us know. Reach out to us. Glad to help.

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