Think Big/Meeting with Billionaire Sir Richard Branson

Meeting with Sir Richard Branson was a game changer. Mr Branson is the most fun loving, selfless, philanthropic and successful man I have ever met. His view of the world is incredible. (Sir Richard Branson on Twitter: Click HERE)

How big are you thinking?

I love to think big. I am always thinking big. I am always thinking of possibilities. It is how I have programmed myself to think every day. However, Mr. Branson got me thinking. I am not thinking big enough! How big is big? Well, Mr. Branson is currently working on a project to put out 800 satellites so that the world can have free wifi so that he can help to connect humans. Mr. Branson is building a commercial space travel company, Virgin Galactic, not to just have a commercial space travel business, but instead to take individuals to a bird’s eye view of the world so that they can admire and love it, with the hopes that when they return to earth, their view of it will be changed so much that they want to do things for the very planet and humanity in which they live and surround themselves every single day. Mr. Branson believes that every company, big or small, should adopt a problem equivalent to their size of an operation. Can you imagine if every person and every business adopted just one problem throughout the world and chose to tackle it? I can only imagine the impact and possibilities of that one philosophy. Either think big or go home. Average thinking leads to average results. Big thinking leads to above average results.

How big are you thinking? What problem will you attack?

Life is too short to play small. Have a bigger vision for yourself and live life to the fullest!

Think big, think big, think big, think big, think big!

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