Turning Your Idea Into A Reality

Your idea has little to do with it becoming true.

We all have great ideas. Chances are you have had dozens if not hundreds of great ideas. Many people think it is hard to come up with great ideas. The truth is that good ideas are not what the most successful people in the world had in common. What the most successful people have in common in any area of life (olympic gold medalists, mega entrepreneurs, top CEO’s, bodybuilding champions, investors, etc.) are not good ideas, although many of them had some just like we all do… the thing that they all had in common is that they took action on their ideas. 

“It’s not the idea that makes you valuable, it’s taking action on the idea that makes you valuable.” – StrategicLifeDesign.com

When it comes to great ideas, nothing is more common than great ideas in a grave. Most people have great ideas that they have never taken action on. The best inventions are buried in graveyards all over the world along with the people that thought of them but never took action. Don’t let that be you. 

Decide today that you are going to take action on your ideas. Here are a few tips about ideas:

1) Write them down. Ideas are fleeting, and many times if you do not write them down, you will lose them. This is why I carry a journal (usually a Moleskine, this full size one and these tiny pocket sized ones) so that I can take notes and document the idea so that I don’t forget. I use this for tasks, reminders, inventions, post ideas, you name it. 

2) Break them down. Turn your idea in to a project. It’s hard to get started on an idea, but it’s easy to get started on a task. An idea can be turned in to a project, and a project can be broken down in to actionable tasks. Write out all of the tasks for the project.

3) Take action. Once you’ve written your tasks out, get busy! Complete them one by one, and surprise! Your idea has come to fruition. It is now a reality. 

What’s one idea you have that you know you need to take action on? Write it down, break it down and take action today!

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