What if you jumped?

Life is too short to wait any longer.

I had a dream of being a scuba diver for a long time. I wanted to feel what it was like to be totally comfortable under water, breathe normally, relax and explore the unexplored sea without having to hold my breath. My wife, several years ago, surprised me for my birthday and got me a scuba certification course. We both got certified together, and when we went out to dive, I realized that scuba diving was even better than I had ever dreamed of. It was amazing! Oh if I had only known, I would have gotten certified 10 years earlier. 

One thing we all have in common is procrastination on doing what we are capable of doing. What if you just did it? What if you just jumped, and while falling you realized that you had everything that you needed to build wings on the way down to take flight? The life you truly want to live, that business you really want to start one day, that trip you daydream of going on sometime in the future… what if you just jumped and found out that you should have made the leap years ago? 

In 2007, I had a miserable existence of a life, quite honestly. I was working 50 hours a week in construction during the daytime and going to college 15 credit hours a semester studying my basics for an architecture degree. I was on the grind non stop, never got to see friends or family, and was struggling financially. I was physically, emotionally and financially exhausted. I ran across a guy who, in one short conversation, completely changed my life. He opened Pandora’s box of ideas and information that allowed me to start my own business in my limited time and seven months later I quit the last job I ever had. That lead to, within 10 years, building six companies, two non-profit organizations, a lifetime’s worth of out-of-this world experiences, world travel, mega fulfillment, dozens of mentors and coaches, the list goes on and on. Had I only known this information sooner in my life, there is no telling where I would be right now. Thank God I jumped when the information presented itself. They say, “success is when preparation meets opportunity.” 

We only have one life to live. We just get one shot. One day, in our final moments on earth, we will reflect on what we did, and we will reflect upon the things that we didn’t do or even attempt to do. You cannot serve the world with the gift you have inside of you if you stay comfortable and just play small. Everyone whom you admire, and I mean everyone that you admire, stepped out of their comfort zone, they decided to take action, and they moved forward. That is what it is going to take for you to feel congruence in your life. Congruence is what you feel when what you do and what you are capable of doing are aligned. I have a sign in my home office that says, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” I believe that and live by those words every single day. 

As I write I am in Nassau Bahamas on vacation and thinking about a project I am working on, which is this one, Strategic Life Design. I am thinking of my future plans, and am anticipating what this will become. As plans unfold, I will undoubtedly look at this and think “man, I should have done ago.” That is what compelled me to write you this message. 

In life, the biggest breakthroughs we experience happen after we just decide to go after it. It’s as simple as a decision. You are one decision away from a dramatic breakthrough in your life. Decide to jump and build wings on the way down. That is the Strategic Life Design way of taking action. What will you take action on today? 

I would love to hear from you! What is it, that thing you have a burning desire for, that you have been putting off? Will you jump and make it happen? Will you stop right now, draw out a short plan, and jot down at least one tiny thing you can do to get started today?

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