What to do with the hand that you have been dealt in life?

When life seems to have slapped you in the face, what do you do? What do you do when things happen to you that are out of your control and your circumstances seem to be stacked against you? 

It’s not what happens to us that is important… it’s what we do about what happens to us. Our mindset in the midst of the circumstance is what is most important. As Tony Robbins would say, “it’s not our lack of resources that’s the problem… it’s our lack of resourcefulness.”

To design a life strategically and intelligently, we all need to accept 100% responsibility for our lives and our circumstances. That’s the only way that we are empowered to actually make changes in life. If all of our problems, stressors and issues are because of anything or anyone else other than ourselves, we give the power to improve the situation away to that other thing. The reality is, where we are right now in this very moment is because of the decisions and actions we have taken in the last 5 years… the food we have eaten, the physical activities we did or did not do, the relationships we worked on or neglected, the priorities that we set, the way we managed or mismanaged our finances, all of it, WE were the ones that made those decisions and took those actions. We cannot change what happened in the last 5 years, but we CAN change the next 5 years of our lives by taking complete responsibility for our actions, making some decisions today to change our trajectory in our lives, and having the right mindset. Check out this video. Like and subscribe on YouTube and share with your friends and contacts on social media!

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