Why I Decided To Become An Entrepreneur

People become entrepreneurs for many different reasons. Here’s mine.

I originally wanted to become an entrepreneur for a much different reason than most might think. I wanted something different that I only believed could be possible as an entrepreneur. I decided to become an entrepreneur so that I could own my own life. I wanted to call my own shots. I LOVE to live a LOT of life. I love to skydive, scuba dive, travel the world, hunt, fish, spear fish, rock climb, hike, ride motorcycles, you name it. My wife is my best friend and she’s my adventure buddy. We have lived a LOT of life together over the past few years. Everyone who knows me knows that if you call and invite me to do something I’ve never done before I’m probably down! 

I wanted to call my own shots. I didn’t want to be an adult that had to ask someone else for permission to do something in my life. It wasn’t the money that made me want to become an entrepreneur it’s how the money was made. I wanted a passive income coming in so I could live a lot of life. 

I wanted to contribute. I wanted to feel like I did something to truly help people and better the world. Entrepreneurs only get paid by adding value to the world. They don’t get paid to work an hour… they ONLY get paid to create things that help people and that add value to their lives. Period. Every company you’ve purchased something from, you voted with your dollar bills and said the value they were giving you was worth more to you than the dollars you gave them. 100%. That’s how it works. 

It hasn’t always been easy, no. You’ve probably heard the joke about how an entrepreneur is someone who will work 80 hours a week to keep from having to work 40 for someone else haha. It hasn’t always been easy… but it’s been worth it. It’s so been worth it. It’s been a challenge for sure, but everything worth doing in life is challenging. 

If I could tell you one thing, it’s that if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body…. start a side business. Just start one. Don’t wait for the stars to align, don’t wait for your ducks to get in a row, don’t wait for anything just DO IT. Do it. Most of being in entrepreneur is jumping off of a cliff and building wings on the way down. Just go for it. And STUDY. Most people never pick up an educational book outside of high school or college. WHY? That is when your life STARTS, not when your education is over! Just jump in and decide to make it happen.

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