Your Struggles And Circumstances Are Not Unique

Google them and see.

Ten years ago as a broke construction worker by day and a more than full-time college student at night, I used to believe that there was almost nothing I could do to change my circumstances. Tired of construction, I shopped my resume around looking for another job that would pay me the same amount that I was used to making in construction. I couldn’t find it. I felt like a helpless victim, one that worked exceptionally hard and very long hours, went to school more than full-time hours on a very difficult degree (Architecture), and life was treating me unfairly. But who was I to change it? I was too young (20), had no resume other than construction, had no completed education other than high school and some college, lived in a little town of 3,000 people, had no mentors or successful people to learn from, and to top it off, I didn’t even look 20 years old. I looked 15 at best. 

I wanted to start a business, but what could I start with no time and no money? No contacts, no credibility, no special background or education or experience? 

I was totally helpless. Or was I?

How many people out there have been young, broke, uneducated, etc. and gone out and created what 99.9% of the population would call “successful?” The answer is COUNTLESS INDIVIDUALS. 

My circumstances were not unique. And neither are yours. 

Last night on American Ninja Warrior I saw a man compete and do very well that suffers from Parkinson’s disease. His hands were shaking violently before he even began the obstacle race. Most people with his condition would never think it to even be possible. But is it? Obviously. 

Whatever your brain tries to tell you is the reason(s) you cannot do something, let those be the reasons you CAN. 

Ten years ago, I started down a path that would change everything for me. I decided to start a business despite the odds. I was broke, had VERY little time to build it, and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Thankfully, I found great information that I consumed and implemented and 7 months later I quit the last job that I ever had. Fast forward to today, I own six companies, travel the world, speak to audiences all over (the largest being over 14,000 people) and I coach people that inspire me. 

Even today I ask myself sometimes “who would want to listen to me?” That is my brain trying to keep me comfortable. Truth is, there are tons of people that can and do benefit from my experience and self-education. And they are willing to pay for it. I have coached and mentored countless people. I received a $5,000 coaching fee from one client today while here in Tijuana Mexico. 

Could this be real? Yes. How? Because COUNTLESS people have had the same challenges, setbacks, problems and circumstances that you are facing right now, and they pushed through it. Countless people have had the same issues that I faced and made it happen. Why not me? And trust me… I am just getting started. 

You can do, be and have anything that you want if you just believe you can. 

Push your fears and circumstances to the side. They are not unique. Go to Google and see how many people have been where you are right now and have broken through to where you want to go. 

You can do this!


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